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Our First Tag!

:+: November 22, 2008 :+: Leave a comment Go to comments

Cik anns telah mengeTAG kami!


1-the rules of the game get posted at the beginning

2-each players answers the questions about themselves

3-at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people n posts their names,then goes to their blogs and leave a comment,letting them to know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

What were you doing at 10:17pm last night?
>>zizul: bergayut ngan ajan
>>ajan: bergayut dgn zizul

Besides this, what are you doing right now?
>>zizul: chat dgn ajan
>>ajan: chat dgn zizul.. hahaha

Will you be up before 7am tomorrow?
>>zizul: tgk la dulu klu org kejut
>>ajan: solat subuh mesti bangun

Who’s the funniest person you know?
>>zizul: Fitri rempit (UTHM)
>>ajan: Papa

Are you afraid to grow up?
>>zizul: tak takut, tapi takut tua..hahaha
>>ajan: takut kedut!! (tapi tu normal ar)

What was your worst subject in school?
>>both: Biologi!!!

If you just drank 14 beers describe what you would be doing?
>>zizul: tobat.. dosa
>>ajan: no idea for that

Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?
>>both: closed, siap kunci lagik!

When’s the last time you did something you knew was wrong?
>>zizul: ntah ar.. lupa dah..
>>ajan: ystdy… salah print documentation, kene mrh ngn papa

What are you wearing right now?
>>zizul: selimut.. wawawa
>>ajan: t-shirt and jeans

What are you listening to right now?
>>zizul: dafi-adinda.. wakakakaka
>>ajan: if i were a boy – beyonce

Whats your favorite number?
>>zizul: 06
>>ajan: 5

How is the weather right now?
>>zizul: bilikku masih gelap, langsir masih tertutup.. harini kan cuti..
>>ajan: panas!

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
>>zizul: Mr TanJJ – suruh masuk keje hari cuti.. tggu ar pas lunch!
>>ajan: Jijul

Do you smoke?
>>zizul: tidak…
>>ajan: nope!

Eye Color?
>>zizul: hitam
>>ajan: hitam

Favorite Month?
>>zizul: lately 3 and 7.. hahaha
>>ajan: April

What was the last movie you watched?
>>zizul: sepi (kt pc jerk), dangerous bangkok (panggung)
>>ajan: The Coffin

Favorite Day of the Year?
>>both: 1404 ngan hari mggu

If you could say something to someone right now what would you say?
>>zizul: ajan, luv u
>>ajan: esok kte date!

Hugs or Kisses?
>>zizul: kiss
>>ajan: cium..

Are you still friends with people from school?
>>zizul: yup!
>>ajan yes! ada kawan lagi

Right-handed or Left-handed?
>>both: kanan ler

How many pillows do you sleep with?
>>zizul: 4.. hahaha
>>ajan: 3, sebetulnya 1 jer.. yg lain campak kt bawah

Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
>>both: alone!

What woke you up this morning?
>>zizul: terbangun sendirik, ON pc, cari hp tgk jam ngan msg
>>ajan: kena hantar kak zara g HKL

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?
>>zizul: tentunya.. lagik suka
>>ajan: yes

Have you ever in any way, been betrayed by someone you trust?
>>zizul: yup.
>>ajan: absolutely.

Are you picky about who you give your number to?
>>zizul: xde sape pun nak mintak
>>ajan:yes! sbb ada dua no kan, satu utk mmbr, satu lagi utk client n jijul

What do you prefer: McDonalds or Burger King?
>>both: McD!!!

Would you rather go to Greece or Hawaii?
>>zizul: hawaii – betul ke ada pompuan seksi2? hahaha
>>ajan: nak g london.. (out ar dia nih!)

Did you have a good birthday this year?
>>both: yup! dpt adiah best!

Aku nak tag:
>>both: piKa

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  1. :+: November 22, 2008 :+: at 12:46 pm

    begitu pantas kamu ber2..hehe

  2. ajan
    :+: November 22, 2008 :+: at 3:41 pm

    kami ske wat cmtuh.. haha

  3. :+: November 22, 2008 :+: at 8:48 pm

    korg balas dendam tagged aku blk ye.

  4. ajan
    :+: November 23, 2008 :+: at 6:29 pm

    hahhaha.. pika… saje jer.. ble kan… hahahahaah….

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