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Ways to Manage Your Thoughts

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HOW do we manage our thoughts? Well, there are no short cuts.
Just as in the case of learning a new skill, this too requires regular practice.
The first step to right-thinking is to filter past impressions that carry about certain people, objects, places or behaviors.
My past experiences make an instant link with what I see presently before me, but I must not stop here and pass judgement.
I should give the present a chance to display the change that time has brought in and remember the eternal law that all things are liable to change.
The second step is to minimise the effect that the atmosphere bears on my mind. Our surroundings today are filled with negative patterns. The challenge is to remain detached and hold on to an affirmative outlook. A picture of a lotus is a perfect comparison at this point, as even though it stands in mud-water, it remains crystal clean and pleasing to the eyes…
Source: NSTP

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