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Finishing Skool aka FS (AJN)

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On 25 Nov was FS program… at 1st..mls gler nk g program cmtuh.. but wjb kan.. so hv 2..

1st day, registration..ice braking session wit en danial.. quite bored but ok laa.. my group name’s UTAMA..we’re started very slow smpi tok lagu group pon xdiscuss lg..tyme tuh geram sgt..i tried not 2 blame any1 but i did.. wat 2 do.. mmg lambat sgt bertindak..smpi kene pggl byk kali br decide lagu ape kene nyanyi.. so gamble jer.. huhu.. 

da next day was our horror day.. we had 1 project 2 setel with b4  the project implementation on wed..dh la tajuk xbes.. ‘save our forest’.. no idea at all but with all the cooperation, we can handle it. 1 by 1 the idea came out and we tried to setel all works b4 dat date.. we had spend 2 days to complete this task.. sgt pnt but very enjoyed.. msg2 wt keje..kdg2 tuh ade yg terlepas pndg tp sib baek ade yg tlg coverkn..setel surat, hamper, poster , banner, report and so on

on 4h day, was our project implementation.. kol 7am dh bgn..prepared booth..1st2, pening sket.. xtau nk wat cmne booth yg ade 4canopy tuh, pas bncg2 hmpr sejam, br decide letak mane partition kitorg, penimbang, meja reg and skrin layar.permulaan yg quite slow.. lame pas tuh br ade org dtg, msg2 tgk2 booth kitorg.. hasil..xde lg..our attraction is ‘pertandingan pengumpulan kertas terbanyk’ cm xbjaya.. .then, sorg2 dtg.. abg kafe, staff ito, lecturer, uncle apek.. and ramai lagi dtg booth kitorg ngn bw van nyer, kete, pajero and etc..ade lak tuh leh dtg berulang kali.. bw segala jenis based on kertas..kotak la, surat khabar laa.. dll.. unexpected tol.. igt kan xde org upenyer ramai jer yg msk.. smpi kitorg kene delay 1hour tok decide sape pemenang..sharp 12o’clock, penyampaian adiah yg plg sempoi tlh dbuat. time tuh, msg2 senyum dgn gembiranyer cz dh cmplete projek tuh.

Personally, keje ngn boys ni quite tension…dorg lmbt nk bergerak ..sory 2 say.. but act boys in my group tersgt btggungjwb.. xlpas tgn pn.. juz dorg lmbt nk bgtau ape yg dorg dh buat.. bbdak nie wt keje dlu br berbincg..bkn nyer bncg dlu br buat keje.. nsb baek xde migrain.. heh dorg nie cm my bf.. lmbt wt keje tp the outcome very marvellous… very satisfied..vr outstanding..eh..puji bf sdiri lak..kui3 bkn boys jer, gals in my group pn best gk..intan, hani, karen & erin.. ngn dorg xde prob ape pn.. last words.. FS program sgt bes..honestly 2 say..even xdpt pegi gala nite but i am very happy with my group members plus the activities.

-sharil-karen-erin-hani-intan-matin-azlan-ayo-faiz- fatah-pian- thanks to all

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