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hari-hari yg best!! -jln2-

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bes gler xm dh abes..dh xpressure dh.. juz we’re getting tired cz hangout smpi xigt dunia..

get started with planned to kl act..but we cancel out cz the limited time n money of cos…ermm so we decided went to mlk..nearer and more relax..btolak fr bp at 9.30am, and get there around 11.30++.. smpi2 jer trus mkn roti.. alas perot cz nk g jln2 kt A famosa dlu.. konon laa jln2.. siap bw payung lg..yela.. pns kan.. g sane.. naek tangga brape steps ntah.. penat gler..  smpi jer, trus rs nk g MP jer. xthn pns.. take pic 2 3 trus twun blk.. no worthkan..doesn’t matterla.. twun trus g MP.. @ MP, cr map n tgk mane tmpt mkn.. tgk ade burger king, trus g cr..huhu mkn smpi perot ‘boyah’.. den trus shopping.. cr ape yg minat.. ssh gler nk cr brg yg suit ..nk cr kasut tp mostly xde size..at last, dpt gk sepasang.. siap pkai tuh.. huhu.. tpkan .. sandal tuh xberkualiti laa..cz br pkai xsmpi shari dh nk putus dh.. am i ganas or dat shoes yg low quality.. ermm… nsb laa..leh beli laen lg..kui3

tgh round2, leh lak tserempak ngn zek wit his gf.. bkn kt parkson jer.. kt tgh jln ry pon tserempk lg.. aiyoo…sempat lg berborak.. tp yg xleh handle nyer, kitorg siap benti tepi hway.. cz of zek dh tlewat nek bas die kt muor.. tu laa.. shopping sakan.. kiki

but plg ‘BEST’ act dpt surat saman.. waaa… even rm30 je tp sgt berharga.. puas cr tmpt byr saman but it oredy closed.. kol 5pm dh time tuh.. logik laa.. so, planned byr ikut wang pos jer.. kene bertindak dgn pantas cz takot surat smn smpi kt umah..kang xpsl2 dpt free lecture.. huhu after penat round2 kt a famosa, suddently nmpk mpm.. trus jerit2 ” encik!!! sy nk byr SAMAN!” sape yg jerit tuh.. empunyer kete ler.. minta kurang tp xleh.. so, byr je la.. kol 6 otw back.. penat tp sronok sgt!!! srius ..even bkn nyer ade ape sgt pon kt mlk but mayb wat we had spend our time 2gether.. tu yg bez tuh..

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