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yuhuuuu.. dak2 yg amek 3yr course mesti tgh sronok nk berkonvo..sure excited gler.. si loone mesti dh tempah bj yg glamer2 dh nie.. hehe die kan ske melaram…nnt tggu la pic die kt fs ..teruja gler..hehe tp ade gk yg tak konvo lagi… xpelaa.. tu nama nyer life. not easy to trough it..bkn stereotype jer.. ade bende yg kite xleh expect lgsg ape yg akn berlaku.. for dis moment.. kitorg epy ngn life msg2.. +  pening ngn asignment, final project, test and stdy…  bukak midterm break nie ade test.. lecturer final year semua cm xkesah… relax jer.. lbh2 lagi subjek PE.. dh lah start lewat..abes awal.. b4 nk abes tuh leh lak take 5 lagi.. tactic jer tuh nk abes clas awal.. haha xpela.. as long die bg tips yg kaw nyer tok test1 nnt..

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