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:+: August 19, 2007 :+: Leave a comment Go to comments

I wish my beloved one could be here, right in front of my eyes, to touch her face, smile to her, and to tell how much i love her.. BUT it’s too hard 2 b together right now..

I wish i could walk somewhere, somewhere that i can find my beloved one, to talk with, to laugh with, to tell how much i miss her.. Mayb it juz in my dream

I wish SHE free right now, to talk with me, to reply my msg, to share the same feelings with me..Mayb only me wanna spare time with..Too many WISHES from a non-perfect person..

Too many HOPE..

Too much LOVE..

But still in ONE wish.. i WISH she remember me, as much i remember her..

For all reasons that i have … i juz miss my bucuk!!! ‘damn miss u!!’


–my BUCUK–


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  1. anna cutee
    :+: August 22, 2007 :+: at 4:26 pm

    mmg busok pon die…bkn bucuk dh…bygkan la kitorg dh smpai umah die nak g jejln…die leh lak tak mdi lg..tp terus je sarungkan bju n trus nak ikot jln…huhuh..ajan2…

  2. ajan
    :+: August 22, 2007 :+: at 10:16 pm

    oit anna.. ak dh mandi la …bj umah ak mmg bj tido pon.. huhu uikhh.. abes reputasi ak..

  3. :+: August 25, 2007 :+: at 6:05 pm

    terkantoi ajan xmandi.. untung tu.. jimat ar bil air ak nanti pas kawen.. hhahaha..

  4. anna cutee
    :+: August 26, 2007 :+: at 12:51 pm

    em..pas kawen mane leh jimat bil air…bil air la yg melambung tgi…bil elektrik yg merundum jatuh…=)

  5. :+: August 29, 2007 :+: at 10:38 am

    hahaha.. penuh makna tu.. ak rasa betul gak tu.. bukan rasa tapi confirm la tu mmg betul.. wakakaka

  6. ajan
    :+: August 30, 2007 :+: at 8:41 pm

    amboi.. suke nyerr… =)

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